Kicking Gas!

Hello and welcome to the Bowler Panther SMV club.



       Our group goal is to build a car with the best mileage possible. We are a non-profitable organization, willing to take any sponsorship and all sponsors will be advertised across the vehicle. This is our third year as a SMV club, and our first year as class. Thanks to our awesome shop teacher (Mr. Ploeger). He was the one to put it all together. He also stays after school to keep the room open for us and computers available.


       With hard work and dedication we are looking forward on building the best car possible and design a new revolution of gas mileage. Just think with today’s economy and gas prices rising. Gas is about $3.50 a gallon, but just think if you could fill up your car with just $10, and be able to drive 750 miles!


       I know your probably thinking that’s crazy, so call us crazy but that’s our goal, all we ask is that you help us and join in on our craziness with a generous contribution to help us with our goal in making the world a clean place to live.